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Dumplings the Baker’s was once a very busy place. The delicious smell of Mrs. Dumpling’s freshly baked bread and cakes would fill the high street all day long.

Then one day, a bright new shopping centre was built on the other side of town and sadly the high street began to lose its appeal. People gradually stopped shopping there and one by one all the shops began to close.

One grey winter’s day Mrs. Dumpling was busily preparing her secret fairy cake mix when Mr. Dumpling announced some bad news. They had received a letter from the bank regretfully informing them that they could no longer be allowed to borrow any more money!

Mr. and Mrs. Dumpling knew that this almost certainly signalled the end for their little shop. Mr. Dumpling gave the very upset Mrs. Dumpling a gentle comforting hug just as two tiny tears fell from her cheeks and dropped into the batch of fairy cake mixture that she was still stirring with her favourite spoon.

“I really do so wish things could be like they used to be,” she murmured.

When she had finished mixing, the tearful Mrs. Dumpling carried the tray of cakes over to the oven but as she did so, she failed to notice that the cake tins were now rocking from side to side, indulging in what can only be described as a sort of happy little dance.

The Dumpling Dolls

The 28 minutes that the fairy cakes usually took to bake seemed to fly by and soon, the bell rang to let Mrs. Dumpling know that her cakes should, as usual, be perfectly cooked. She opened the oven door and what a big surprise she had! There on the baking tray stood thirteen tiny figures all happily giggling and jumping around excitedly.

“My word! What on earth are you lot doing in my bakery?” exclaimed the shocked Mrs Dumpling.

One of the smiling figures stepped forward and said, “Hello! Please don’t worry, because just as you wished we’re here to help make your dream come true, but in return you must please promise to find us homes. Then help raise lots more of us so that we can help other people’s wishes and dreams come true as well.”

Mrs Dumpling was astonished to find herself holding a conversation with what could only be described as a happy little laughing dough ball, and oddly enough she found herself agreeing willingly and feeling positively delighted by the very thought!

“Yes I certainly will,” she replied. From that day on customers old and new once again flocked back to the bakery to buy her unique comforting confections.

Mrs Dumplings Bakery was busy again!

Soon, as the word spread further, the busy bakery became too small to house the increased production, and so with the bank’s help Mr. and Mrs. Dumpling bought their Dream Factory. From these premises Mrs Dumplings Dream Company went from strength to strength, with her various creations finding appreciative homes all around the world.

In fact, anywhere that a caring thought or a comforting word was needed, one of Mrs Dumplings magical confections would quickly be dispatched…

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