Created for the child in us all
Toast Solider Doll
Mrs Dumpling's Dream Company

Mrs Dumplings Little Toast Soldiers

Mrs Dumpling needed some more eggs for her sponge cake mix and she asked spoon if he would please run and fetch a dozen freshly laid ones from the barn.
Spoon went off willingly but soon ran back sounding very upset and pleading loudly “Mrs D!  Mrs D!  Come quickly! Hurry please! They’ve all been taken! There’s none left............  they’ve all been stolen! “

Mrs D stood by the barn door and listened as the frightened hens explained to Spoon (who is fluent in chicken!) That it was the wily old fox who had sneaked into the barn and forced them to hand over all their new laid eggs, “Oh dear what a shame, what are we going to do?”enquired Spoon,

“I know exactly what’s required” said Mrs D and hurried off back to the bakery.................

 In the bakery, Mrs Dumpling consulted her magic cookbook and soon found the ideal recipe. Then with spoons help she began mixing together all the ingredients in the magic bowl. “I do really hope this recipe will help guard the eggs, those poor hens were so scared and no one should ever be frightened or bullied” the very upset Mrs Dumpling cried just as two tears splashed into the magic mix.
The required 28 minutes cooking time soon marched by and then George and Gerry the gingerbread twins, enjoyed helping Mrs D line up the smartly turned out little fresh baked confections in lots of very neat rows. Spoon then stood in front of them all and began barking out his orders.

“Atttttttttt--eeen-tion! forrrrrrrrward march. Left right, left right, left right.”

Mrs Dumplings little toast soldiers, especially bred to guard all good eggs and out fox any bullies!

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Toast Soldiers

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