Created for the child in us all
Toast Solider Doll
Mrs Dumpling's Dream Company

A Brand New Beginning

How it actually all began

When your small successful craft business of nearly 25 years suddenly flounders, your top salesman tragically dies and then the giant company who wanted to take you over reneges on the deal at the very last moment and then finally just to top off the nightmare, you discover the Spanish dream home you’ve just had built and invested your life savings in is deemed illegal and could be demolished, what would you do?

Well, when all these things did actually happen to them, the distraught Gill and Scott Harris desperately wished for a fairy godmother to come along and rescue them, but alas, when one failed to show they did no more than decide the time was right to create their own!

 And now with the character they conjured up merely to help them through some very dark days, becoming the figure head, leading a wholesome new retail brand and whose story is also attracting the attention of TV and publishing companies, their creation may help this sorry tale have a very happy ending after all!

Mrs Dumpling the fairy godmother Gill and Scott created is no modern day super hero, merely an old fashioned baker, equipped with a magic recipe book and an insatiable appetite for cooking up wishes and dreams.

Unlike Santa who is the acknowledged purveyor of Christmas wishes, Mrs Dumpling is described by her creators as the wish giver for all seasons, who having herself encountered all the ups and downs of running a modern day small business is now charged (with the help of a magic spoon, twin ginger bread men and a whole host of comforting confections called the Dumpling Dolls) with helping all those in need of just a little love and understanding.

Today the couples own wish is that the magical character they dreamed up simply to help themselves through some very dark days may now help them and many others hopefully live happily ever after.

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