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Hello Global Doughfriends,

Thanks for calling to visit us in Doughland today.

Mrs Dumpling has decided the time is right to take life just a little easier.

But rather than hanging up her apron completely and putting spoon back in the draw. The decision has been made to close our Covent Garden Dumpling store, and make her Dumpling dolls available only through her online shop here in Doughland.

We wish to thank all our Dough-friends, who have visited us at Covent Garden and heard the story from all around the world, for your appreciated support and companionship. Your friendship with your own Dumpling doll has helped turn 2 little tears into a globally known fairy tale that hopefully will endure and stand the test of time, That really is the magic of you............ Thank you.

Dumpling Dolls

So If a Dumpling doll can help raise a smile or bring a little cheer,
if a tear can be iced over so that a smile can reappear
Or a broken heart be mended or a hurt helped to be fixed
That's why my magic recipes been created and my Dumplings baked to mix.

So again thanks for visiting us today and remember my story could never be as special without the most vital magical ingredient in the recipe, you!

Enjoy your time in Doughland

With Love and warm thoughts and friendship when kneaded.

Mrs D. X X X

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