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Be our guest and meet Mrs D and her little dream team!

Mrs Dumpling

Mrs Dumpling is the founder of our Company and the head of our brand.  A family baker known affectionately as Mrs D. Ever since that magical day when her own tears led to the introduction of her Dumpling Dolls, Mrs Dumpling has now been charged with helping serve up friendships to us all.

Being able to help right wrongs and dish out comfort whenever needed is Mrs D’s dream job. Her company now produces and supplies her unique magical confections all around the world.

Anywhere a caring word or comforting companion is needed one of her fresh baked friends is quickly dispatched.

Mrs D is helped in her work by her little dream team and together they make sure  that every single Dumpling Doll produced meets the exact same standard that makes her comforting confections the number one selling little laughing dough-balls in the whole wide world!

When not busy in her factory she can usually be found perfecting new recipes with the help of her Dream Team and together they have created a wondrous library full of magic recipes just waiting to be shared.

The Dumpling Dolls

The Dumpling Dolls

Mrs Dumpling’s fresh baked friends.  No two are ever created quite the same.

Every Dumpling raised at the dream factory has a mission and that’s to be a friend to you.

No matter what age we are, all of us at sometime in our lives will need the companionship of a special friend.

Friendship is a commodity that is valued the whole world over, so the role of a Dumpling Doll is truly a global one.

The Little Toast Soldiers

Mrs Dumplings very latest confections, created especially to guard all good eggs. These little soldiers demand your attention and are bred to help right all wrongs!


Spoon is Mrs Dumplings magical right hand man, her trusty little kitchen wand!  Considering he can’t spell and mixes up his words (Spoonerisms!) time after time Spoon proves you really can triumph over adversity if you meet your challenges head on. He approaches all his tasks with heaps of enthusiasm, he’s energetic and never knows when he’s beaten, but when our mixed up hero finally tires and falls asleep be warned he really shouldn’t be stirred!

George and Gerry

These Gingerbread twins are double trouble!

The dream factory’s very own troublesome twosome, these ginger snaps are identical in every naughty way, Mrs Dumpling loves them to bits, but even her mood can crumble when these little spice boys rough and tumble! They enjoy nothing better than stirring up spoon and making his head spin with all their fun and nonsense.


During your time spent in Mrs D’s company you can expect to meet some rather strange characters cooked up with Mrs Dumplings help

Declan the Dough-Dough Bird!

Also born with the help of Mrs D’s tears, and now officially the last surviving Dough-Dough, Declan’s ambition is to be a deck chair attendant in Brighton? But that’s really another story for another time…

Declan is a one of a kind sort of guy!  He spends all his days in the Dream Factory’s cook-co clock where every half hour he gets to experience the thrill of simulated flight as he springs forth to signal the time!

The rest of the time he can be found in the clock, maintaining his own dating agency web site, desperately waiting contact from another bird seeking company… hits recorded to date 0.


Another of Mrs D’s unique if rather strange creations our Dream Factory rabbit has to be a dough! But contrary to belief she is not the Easter Bunny she’s the ‘yeaster’ Bun-E and is prone to rising!  Known to grow up to ten times in size, when upset Bun-E can offer visitors to the dream factory a truly hare raising surprise!  So be warned and watch out for our very own hot cross bun-e!

Useful as a great means of transport Mrs Dumpling and the Dream Team often climb aboard Bun-E and hare off around Doughland!

The Eggstra One

Our little egg has a free range in the dream factory and runs just where he pleases. Look out for him as he can appear anywhere at any time. A battery of egg jokes are available, but please do not eggspect the usual ones to be cracked. He is a shy sort of guy and really needs to come out of his shell more and see the sunny side of life, but this won't be over easy and possibly be a real scramble.

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