Created for the child in us all
Toast Solider Doll
Mrs Dumpling's Dream Company

Mrs Dumplings broadcasting aspirations
will be to connect, comfort, entertain and Inspire.

Our aim will be to make our viewers feel integral to our programs and to always leave us feeling uplifted after spending time in Mrs Dumplings’ company.

Planned to be a mix of animation and live action. Featuring a blend of fun, fact and fiction, sifted together in equal measures to create wholesome family entertainment.

Dumpling Doll story lines will focus on triumph over adversity, doing the best to get the best results, inspiring tales featuring the Dolls on their numerous and varied global adventures in friendship and their mission to always try to offer comfort and compassion when ever it is needed.

Social responsibility, family values and friendship will always be projected. Honesty and integrity rewarded and aspirations and ambitions encouraged and positive thinking promoted.

Everyday adventures in growing up will be combined with the trials and tribulations of childhood, always with the comforting reassurance from Mrs Dumpling that no matter how large, a problem shared is always a problem halved!