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Toast Solider Doll
Mrs Dumpling's Dream Company
Mrs Dumplings Stamp Mrs Dumpling and the Dumpling Dolls

Hello Global Doughfriends,

Thanks for calling to visit us in Doughland today.

By mixing with us, you are helping my little story further grow and prosper. Together we are creating a modern day fairy tale, built on friendship and the magic that rests within us all.

No matter how tall or small we are, we all need special friends, and friendship is a commodity that is valued all around the world. So my story knows no bounds or holds with any borders, every Dumpling dolls adventure in friendship adds another magical chapter in my tale that only ever begins in the company of you.

Dumpling Dolls

So If a Dumpling doll can help raise a smile or bring a little cheer,
if a tear can be iced over so that a smile can reappear
Or a broken heart be mended or a hurt helped to be fixed
That's why my magic recipes been created and my Dumplings baked to mix.

So again thanks for visiting us today and remember my story could never be as special without the most vital magical ingredient in the recipe, you!

Enjoy your time in Doughland

With Love and warm thoughts and friendship when kneaded.

Mrs D. X X X

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